restaurantes en palma de mallorca

Vip Card

tarjetavip2Program VIP CARD

The card is personal not transferible.

The card is a personal document that permit you take advantage of the offers of the program.

This card not a mean to pay.

The card offers to the bearer and it’s guest a 15% discount on the services od the restaurant “a la carte” that are usually served in the downstairs part or “comedor Principal”. It nevertheless excludes the cafeteria services and the menu that is served in the superior area.

The restaurant staff can ask for indentification of the card bearer.

The card is property of the entity exploting tha Restaurant Santa Eulalia, Odil servicios de restauración SL, Vich may at any time that feels opportune take back the card from it’s bearer, as wel as end the program to Vich it is destined.

The use of this card autorices the providing entity to use the information of it’s bearer, as established in the organic law 15/1999, of the 13 of december, upon the protection of personal information, the files obtained so are confidencial and can only be user for information related with the activity of the restaurant.

The user of the card can use his right of access, modification, cancellation or opposition as provided by law. The bearer of the card have to communicate to the company whatever modification caused to the information.